Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Break of Dawn

 Imagine being completely blind-folded.  Not an ounce of light squeezes through.  All you see is complete darkness.   Worse yet, you’re blind-folded in a foreign country.  You don’t recognize the surroundings or any of the sounds.  You stumble and fall.  You’re completely helpless!  You lay there not knowing which way to turn for days, weeks, maybe even years.  You call out for help, but no one hears you.  Finally, a stranger finds you.   But is He really a stranger or have you heard this voice before?  Very gently the stranger takes off the blindfold.  Instantly you see LIGHT!  Not just any light, but you see the most incredible sunrise you’ve ever seen!

Sometimes life makes us feel as if we’re blindfolded.  We’re down here in this foreign land unable to find our way.  Life’s trials taint our vision with complete darkness.  Painful times can even require major healing afterwards.  During those dark times, you yearn for light.  Some of the most welcoming light comes at the break of dawn.  Isaiah 58:8 “Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear”.  I’ve had the privilege of experiencing this divine light several times...

 This blog is devoted to sharing my story.  My hope and prayer is that through my story, you will be strengthened and encouraged to “fight the good fight” and to keep pushing forward.  Ultimately, I pray my story shifts your eyes upward so you can experience the most breathtaking sunrise you’ve ever seen – the Son of God! Then your healing will quickly appear!

The sun rises and another day turns its face westward with the dawn.
What awaits us as we spy the light, sharing its brightness with each passing minute, casting golden rays upon the newborn day?
It buries the dark, rising, overpowering the night and making yesterdays varying triumphs and failures fade; bringing hope for today.
She renews each piece of earth from horizon to here as I watch;
Field and prairie ablaze with red, yellow and glowing orange.
Twinkling white diamonds of water; ponds, lakes, streams, even mighty oceans rise to glow in the shimmering greatness of gentle rays.
Living things await the coming day, some to rise, some to sleep,
But all know it is a new day, with new choices,
given to us, rising, on the Hand of God.

by Paul  Taken from http://www.poemsonly.com/poems/sunrise.php

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