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January 1st, 1981
We rang in the New Year with a trip back to the ER.  You had gotten a new cold, an ear infection and a set of new teeth.  This combination made it really hard for you to breathe.  Unfortunately, the doctor had to give you a large dose of prednisone.

January 2nd, 1981
We had an appointment with the doctor.  He instructed us to put you on 25 mg of prednisone for four days and then to wean you slowly back off.  You did fairly well, with no major retracting episodes.

January 10th, 1981
You did the best you ever had with breathing while being off of prednisone!

January 20th, 1981
You started sounding a little raspy.  You caught another cold and had to go back on prednisone. 

February 1981

This whole month you were on and off of prednisone.  Whenever we would get close to taking you off, you would start retracting really bad.  And, you kept catching what we thought were colds.  Just when you would get over one, you would catch another one.  We were so exhausted and wanted this to end!

March 1981
You were now a year old!
You weren’t doing very well again, so we called the doctor.  He said he didn’t think you were catching colds that frequently and that something else might be wrong.  He decided to put you on prednisone again.  For one week, you were on a very high dosage.  If after that week, you couldn’t get weaned without retracting, we would have to see the surgeon.

March 16th, 1981
We had an appointment with the doctor.  You weren’t able to get weaned from the prednisone.  Before scheduling surgery again, the doctor wanted to look down your throat by going through your nose to see how the tumor was healing.  This was less risky than going into surgery again, but it wasn’t going to be an easy task with a one-year old.
First, the nurses strapped your head, arms, and legs down very tightly into a papoose-looking thing.  They turned the lights off and the doctor put a hose with a light on the end of it down your nose.  The doctor was happy to say that your vocal cords looked good without any visible scaring.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the area where the tumor was.  He had no choice, but to keep you on prednisone for another week.
Since you were doing fine on the prednisone, one of Mommy’s sisters and Mommy went to visit another sister.  We left later that day.

March 17th, 1981
While we were visiting Mommy’s sister, we decided to attend a revival meeting.  A lady put her hands on your shoulders and prayed for your healing.  It was at that moment Mommy knew God finally answered our prayers!

March 30th, 1981
You were taken off of cortisone and prednisone without any retracting episodes.  The doctors confirmed your healing had occurred on March 17th.  There was no trace of the tumor anywhere!!!

June 1981
You became a big sister this month!  You’re doing great!  You have such a sweet and loving personality.  You are very affectionate and love to hug.  You’re goofy and silly and love to act crazy.  You’re finally able to act like any other 15-month old would!

Looking Back...
The three of us went through a lot during this past year – lots of trips to the ER, lots of tears, lots of medicine, several bronchoscopies, two laser surgeries and finally one miraculous healing.  This time was very hard, but a lot of good came out of it.  Mommy and Daddy’s faith and love for God was strengthened so much more.  It was a hard time, but it’s all behind us now...  We can't wait for many more years to come with you!"

After suffering for over a year, my parents experienced divine light sent down from Heaven through the hands of a praying woman.  This healing was the light that broke forth like the dawn.  Healing came.  Healing appeared!
Healing isn’t always God’s will, but in my case, He allowed me and my parents to go through this trial so the light of dawn would be even more spectacular when I was healed. 

There will be more stories like this one coming…
Please tell me your stories.  I’d love to hear how God has revealed His divine light to you!

Jerimiah 17:14 “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed…for you are the one I praise!"

Psalm 30:2 “LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”

Jeremiah 30:17 “’But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD.”

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