Thursday, July 24, 2014

Give Him {PRAISE}

Life has been hard again.  My momma-heart breaks. 


You see, my sweet daughter has suffered with intense anxiety and insomnia for six of her tender nine years of life.  A traumatic experience jolted her into an almost two-year nightmare of severe sleeping issues, separation anxiety and worrying.  When we were at our end, we finally took her to counseling.  The counselor pointed out an issue in our family dynamics and, within a month, our preschooler was sleeping.  We were blessed with a couple years of rest until we plummeted back to the sleepless jail.  And that's the way it's been for six years now.  Times of sleep and low anxiety and worrying.  Lows of no sleep, heightened anxiety and worrying. 


As of April this year, we spiraled back down into that pit.  Now, our little girl spends her nights trying to fall asleep.  She takes warm baths and listens to a Christian meditation CD before retreating to her bed.  When sleep evades her, she has her sleeping kit packed full with her Bible, photo albums, her devotion book, a coloring book, a sketch pad and her journal.  Most nights she lays on the couch or in the living room watching one, two, maybe even three movies.  Eventually she falls asleep sometime between midnight-three in the morning.  This situation BREAKS-MY-HEART!  But, then I'm reminded Someone else's heart is breaking, too...


My little girl needs healing.  I need healing.  We all are in a process of healing.  Healing from past hurts and bad choices.  Healing from the stresses of life.  Jesus understands.  He allows these trials to uproot anything in our hearts that interfere with our relationship with Him.  When we're safe enough to deal with these inhibitors, He brings them to the surface and helps us conquer them.  Because, we're not created for a life of chains, but a life of {FREEDOM}. 


So, when we've done everything we know to do - pray, bless our kids with Scripture, take them to counseling, have others pray for them, pray against strongholds, and the list goes on and on - we stop doing and we rest in Him.  We {PRAISE} our Sovereign God that He's in control! 
Give Him {PRAISE}!


Will you join me in a 30-Day Praise Challenge?  For the next 30 Days, I will use Becky Harling’s “The 30-Day Praise Challenge” book to guide me in my journey.  You can purchase her book at Amazon or Christian Book.

Please, let me know how God uses this journey to work in your life.  I will do the same.  God Bless, Break of Dawn



30-Day Praise Challenge:  Day 1


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